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Charlie Said:

Should the U.S apologize for 1930s deportation? calfornia already has.?

We Answered:

It is not clear to me if the parents were in the USA illegally or not. If they were here illegally, no we don't owe them anything.

Eduardo Said:

Should a christian school teacher be fired for having a baby out of wedlock?

We Answered:

Seems sorta wrong to me

Betty Said:

What chance do I have at these Nescac schools (i.e. Bowdoin, Williams, etc.)?

We Answered:

Should easily get into all of them. I would also target top schools in better geographic locations such as Holy Cross, BC, Harvard.

Armando Said:

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN Tragedy of 10-year-old mom?

We Answered:

He's probably getting 'punished' by the other inmates anyway. If they have DNA evidence i don't doubt he will be charged.

Michele Said:

Math problem involving Combinations & Permutations! HELP!?

We Answered:

the formula for choosing 2 things from a set of n things is n*(n-1)/2
If you don't believe it check it for small numbers.

To choose 2 things from a set of three object a,b,c you can choose ab, bc, and ac. 3 combinations. and 3*2/2 = 3

To choose 2 things from a set of 4 objects, you can choose ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd. 6 choices. 4*3/2 = 6

so for 10 things, there are 10*9/2 = 45 choices.

So with 5 main courses, 45 side dish choices, and 4 dessert choices, you have
5*45*4 = 900 choices.

PS: It's a common mistake is to think that the number of side dish choices would be 10*9, 10 choices for the first side dish, 9 for the second. The error here is that you are counting soup and salad as being different from salad and soup, when there is actually no difference. That's why you have to divide by 2.

Frank Said:

What are your thoughts on this?

We Answered:

Reagan made Americans Proud of America.

He also put us Factory Workers back to work after Carter tried to Destroy us.

Now Obama is trying to Destroy us.

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