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High Paying Jobs For College Students

Cassandra Said:

Are there any high paying jobs at night that day time college students can take obtain at a bank?

We Answered:

There really aren't too many night jobs at banks that pay well. Most of the night jobs are processing jobs, like your friend has.

Allison Said:

What are some well-paying jobs for college students?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Joy Said:

Why do some college students feel entitled to high paying jobs immediately out of college?

We Answered:

Well I don't think I personally feel entitled to a high paying job fresh out of school. I would think some students think that because of the hype that going to school with give you a better life, you see and hear about it all the time. How many people encourage our generation that not having education is an absolute dead end? I'm also guessing that since they worked hard to graduate from college, which is not an easy task, they want to reap the rewards: a high-paying job.

As for me, I do think I deserve a high-paying job, but not until I have some credentials, and experience under my belt. Not all of us think that everything should be handed to us. But you can understand how it's frustrating that we are given the idea that college is key to a better job and life. At the end of college you're stuck with $20K+ in student loans, grace period is over, the bill collectors are breaking down your door, and you still don't have that "rewarding new career" you were falsely promised even though you demonstrate a proficient skill set and knowledge base.

Roberta Said:

Well-paying jobs for College students?

We Answered:

Don't bother with the solicitors on this site.

Do you know what you plan to major in? If so, your university career center probably has contacts. Making a little less at something relevent to your future career will pay off in the futre.

Bartending will need some schooling. If you do not have that, go through a temp agency so at least you have some professional experience. It will make a huge difference when you graduate.

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