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Holiday Jobs For Students

Glenn Said:

Are there any pharmacies in Namibia that offer internships/holiday jobs to students?

We Answered:

With the current HIV/Aids crisis in Namibia, perhaps your family would be proud of your contribution to that cause and not be so concerned with how much money you will or can earn. I found this website and it has information on Namibia, employment opportunities, natural resource development, and more. You may find out that you want to do something else entirely!

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Pulau Seribu said:

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Paket Pulau Seribu said:

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bestessay said:

Students always have very limited budget and maintain their hostel life and education expenses. Sometimes they need to do job for meeting the expenses of their study and I think you are helping them in true way to win the job at the tenure of their education.

ecofriend said:

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