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Hospital Jobs For College Students

Constance Said:

Is there a job in a hospital that I could have as a part-time job during college?

We Answered:

You could always try housekeeping. If you are in college for something medical they may let you intern in the proper field. Have fun:)

Darren Said:

What hospital jobs are out there for inexperienced college student?

We Answered:

I think the obvious choice is nurse's assistant. If you are going to be a nurse, you should already know what a nurse's assistant does.

Kenneth Said:

what kind of jobs (at hospitals) are available to college students?

We Answered:

without any particular education in the med field you could do transportation(take patients by stretcher or wheel chair from room to testing - xray - MRI - that kind of thing), supply, central services (clean and sterilize OR instruments), security, house keeping, cafeteria. these are the ones without need of outside education.

Edwin Said:

jobs at hospitals for college students?

We Answered:

It's not always crystal clear how to start hunting for a job, I was in a bit of a rut during the last couple of weeks when I was job seeking, until I found the website in the box below that has sensible instruction. I soon got myself going down the proper route, and in a short while after a few interviews I secured a really good job.

Roy Said:

What hospital jobs can a 19 Y.O college student do?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Linda Said:

WhIs there a job in a hospital that I could have as a part-time job during college?at would you like to ask?

We Answered:

Hospital jobs that do not require certification/licensure are things like unit clerks, registration, admitting, receptionists (in radiology, outpatient clinics etc), transporters (the old "orderlies"), housekeeping, some dietary positions, etc. You would have to go to your specific hospital & look at their job postings & keep looking.

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