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It Jobs For Students

Tommy Said:

If students were paid an allowance by the school, would their grades improve?

We Answered:


it is only depend on you....

if you want,then study hard....

and if you dont want.....

so just spend the money on a right time and place..........

i hope this is the best answer youve got!!:-)

Leslie Said:

Why would we want to allow illegals to compete with American Students for jobs?

We Answered:

I am assuming that you are referring to the DREAM Act.

Note that this proposal does not apply to all undocumented persons, but to persons who came to the USA before the age of 16, who have been admitted to, or have completed studies at, an accredited US university, have no criminal record, and have resided in the USA for at least five years.

For all intents and purposes, the USA is the home of these types of immigrants. The home country of their illegal alien parents is foreign to them, and they will never voluntarily go to their parents' home country.

The idea of the DREAM Act is to bring these otherwise productive members of society out of the shadows, and allow them to contribute productively to society.

Agnes Said:

Does it do us ANY GOOD to improve the quality of education for students who live in substandard areas if we do

We Answered:

Jaime Escalante helped his students overcome great odds.

Garfield High School, Los Angeles, CA
It was not just him. He had partners like the Principle and another teacher.

It's a community wide effort. All of us need to come together to help out. People who are poor lack a lot of resources. They cannot do it alone. There are just too many obstacles. Some can triumph but very few can. They need real help and people who don't give up easily. To me this is the test of the great American spirit, the can do attitude.

edit: I want to get in there and help out. How? When? Everyone needs to get involved. More doors need to be opened.

edit again: I don't know that programs are necessarily needed. Maybe more after school programs and make them mandatory? Dance lessons, music lessons, quiet place for students to study, mandatory study times, more sports, etc. Anything to keep these kids occupied and out of trouble. Give them hope for the future. Make them see a way out. You have to get their parents to see it too. Mass education.

Hilda Said:

Can any writers out there show me a good example of dialogue?

We Answered:

I don't really understand your question. However, what you've cited is dialogue which is simply conversation between or among characters in a work of fiction. Following is how you should have written it:

"Good job, students; let's move on," said Mrs' Hartly, walking down the corridor.
"I don't want to go!" screamed Lale.

Whenever the speaker changes, make a new paragraph; also, start a new paragraph after the speaker finishes talking.

Synonyms for speaking loudly: roaring; speaking stridently; in a wild tone of voice (or angry tone); shrieking; hollering.
Check your thesaurus which is what I do when I write; I try to avoid using the same word incessantly.

Leslie Said:

how easy is it to get a job in austria for non-german speaker?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to work in the tourism industry especially in a city that receives the most international tourists like Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, etc. You could work in a hotel or pension that deals mainly with English speaking tourists (work at the concierge or tidy rooms), or a tour agency that needs English speaking tour guides or assistants, or work at an English/Australian/Canadian/American themed bar or restaurant as a waitress. During the summer months, farms and vineyards are always looking for labourers. Here's a good website to look at:…
Good luck with your job search!


Petra M

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