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Job Centre Online

Claire Said:

can anyone tell me online job that center in delhi, dehradun, noida etc.?

We Answered:

Do You Need To Apply For the Job ?

Teresa Said:

If i leave a job seekers allowance claim incomplete, how long will the job centre have my claim on record?

We Answered:

Why did you not stay in and complete it? do you not need the money? the wont keep it, you will have to reapply and then they make an appointment for you at a job centre interview which takes about 1 hour and you take ID with you and then they process your claim, it takes about 3 weeks before you get money.

Patricia Said:

has anyone ever taken an online test for nrma call centre job - did you pass or fail?

We Answered:

I have not done the test for the NRMA call centre job, but I have worked in call centres before.

Why are you considering withdrawing your application? Because you think you wont pass it?
My experience has taught me that whether you "pass" a test or not, it's still always worthwhile to try. I've done all sorts of testing, including psychometric testing, short term memory tests, typing tests and answered some pretty unusual interview questions too (including for a job with the RTA call centre). Every "test" is usually just a practice run, to see how you might perform in that sort of work - and even if you do it (and don't think you did very well) the employer might find you would be the best person for the job.

If you genuinely don't want the job anymore, then of course you should withdraw your application - but if it's just because you are afraid of a test... I'd suggest you still go for it. Practice makes perfect!

Victor Said:

How to find a job out of state when no jobs seem to be online!?

We Answered:

look for the towns newspaper online and look that way or view the employment agency online

Amanda Said:


We Answered:… Via this link, you basically type in what sort of job & what area you want to work in. Individual job centres do not have their own websites. It's a national one. Underneath Advanced search click on Jobs.

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