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Job For International Student

Jon Said:

What are the job prospects for an international student completing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Ralph Said:

Tips on finding a job for an international student?

We Answered:

I am a intl student too!! so, yeah my advice, be nice, do not stress out and hang out a lot with the people who provides the jobs, specially those who are the international student's advisors, they get called by other people who needs I am sure they would help you..oh and do not annoy people by trying to get a job desperatley, cause I have seen that and they just do not get anything. SOmething else, go and see all places were you can get jobs, like the cafeteria, the bookstore, tutoring centers..etc etc etc at your school

Brittany Said:

Australia job for international Student and spouse (dependent visa)?

We Answered:

cleaning and cooking like that

Jessie Said:

Would i find a job as an international student?

We Answered:

It's not the school that's the problem, it's your visa

You can work within the campus -- research assistantship position here and there. But the USCIS allows for what they call off campus employment ONLY in cases of severe economic hardship and if you are in good academic standing and are studying full-time:

- loss of financial aid or on-campus employment through no fault of the student;
- major currency fluctuations
- inordinate tuition or living expense increases;
- unexpected financial changes in the students source of support;
- unexpected expenses
- on-campus employment opportunities are unavailable;
- one academic year has been completed;

You will need to get work authorization first and once you get that, you can apply for a social security number

Here's explanations of off campus employment for an F1 student from some of the universities………

Victor Said:

Please, recommend a part time job for international student.?

We Answered:

why not contact hotels - depending on your hours of study it may be possible to get a full time job with food and accommodation included. But there are always alot of jobs in this line of work - to suit most people.


Contact nanny/au pair agencies and see if you can get a job as an aupair - you would have to do house work and look after children, but your food and accommodation will be included and also pocket money given. There is a magazine called "The Lady" which have all these jobs advertised in and also contact numbers for agencies.

It's difficult to say how much money you can earn - that is all dependant on your skills, experience and the area you are moving to.

People also advertise in the Lady for House Keepers and for people to House sit - which usually means just looking after their house while the owners are away, maybe including dog walking or looking after some sort of pet.

Have fun in UK and good luck.

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