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Job For Student Part Time

Sherri Said:

What would be the best way to file a tax return for me (18 yr. college student w/ part time job) ????

We Answered:

Single is how you would file, and with a 1040EZ form. Should be free for you.

Audrey Said:

Full time student part time job, not enough for medical insurance?

We Answered:

There is no absolutely right answer for your question.Nonetheless,explorer the information here might give you some ideas.HOpe it helps.

Francis Said:

Fastest way of getting a student part time job?

We Answered:

You have tryed calling them right? or better yet go up to the store and talk to the HR rep and try to get an interview. Thats what i did, and got the job.
Also my sister after applying she talked to the HR rep and found out she wasnt in the "green zone" for that test you sometimes have to take, so she took it again and got an interview and got the job.
So just show that you are interested and be flexible with your schedule, you should get a job in no time!! : )

Paula Said:

What is an exciting part time job possible for a college student?

We Answered:

Be come a barmaid it's good money u meet a lot of people and the job is usually under the table no tax's.I was a barmaid for 20 yrs and loved every minute of it never a dull moment.

Irene Said:

college student part time job questions?

We Answered:

It depends on how your work schedule actually is. I have two on campus jobs plus another job on campus that has a stipend. My schedule allowed me to work and with the benefit of them being on campus, my supervisors were very flexible if things came up.

I am now a senior in college and I have three classes which will be in the evenings. Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, plus we have a six day cycle, 246 I have a afternoon class, plus I work every Wednesday all day at the job with the stipend but I can leave and come back later. The other job I am a campaign coordinator and I only have to be in on Mondays for a meeting which ranges from an hour to three plus, but I get paid for 6 hours of work no matter what. The other job is mornings days 135. Plus a fellowship meeting every other Thursday which meets for three hours.

It's hard but it's not too bad.

One thing to keep in mind. School always come first. If you have to pull more loans because you're too stressed out to work, do it. Don't over exert yourself. Do as much as you believe you can manage and if it doesn't work out, adjust it.

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