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Job For Students

Stella Said:

How is having a job while students are in high school an advantage and how does it make them responsable ?

We Answered:

It prepares them for the real world buy experiencing what the job market is like. Also if parents are trying to teach them responsibility with their earnings, they begin to learn about paying bills and having to save their money.

As far as free time goes, it teaches them that they must organize their time in order to get everything done that they need to or wish to.

Bryan Said:

Any current Job Corps students who can answer a few questions?

We Answered:

Yes they do have a cosmetology program, im going to start job corps for medical assistant in a few months. I set my appt today and I get all my info in about a month to see if i qualify etc and if i do i will be starting real soon. I cant wait

These are all of their programs they offer -

Accounting clerk general Bookkeeping
Agriculture and related occupations
Automotive Repair
Allied Health and health sciences
Business technologies
Brick Masonry
Certified Nursing Assistant
Cement Masonry
Computer repair technician (Computer Service Technician)
CCNA (Cisco Certified Computer Networking Associate)
Consumer, personal and miscellaneous
Culinary arts
Engineering and engineering related
Extension programs
Forestry conservation and firefighting
Health Occupations
Heavy Equipment Operator
Graphic Design
Information technology and related fields
Material Handling
Marketing and distribution
Mechanics and Repairers
Medical Assistant
Medical Office Specialist
Office Technology
Pharmacy technician programs (SIC Technician)
Phlebotomy at Whitney M. Young, Jr Job Corps Center
Precision production
Protective services
Renewable and natural resources
Seamanship (Only at Tongue Point in Astoria, Oregon.)
Security and law enforcement
Transportation and Material moving
Truck Driving at Earl C. Clements Job Corps Center
Union Apprenticeship Programs
Water/Wastewater Treatment
Vocational home economics
Welding, Joining, and fabricating metals

Toni Said:

Any book on behavior in job for students?

We Answered:

I am shocked to hear you say this. Most colleges and universities require their students to take a professional development (or similar) course that helps teach the student appropriate workplace etiquette, communication, and general rules to maintain a professional image.

Read the article in the first link below. Any of the books listed in the second link below will help you hone your communications skills.

My professional advice to you is as follows:

1. Put everything in writing - EVERYTHING (an email will suffice).

2. Do not abbreviate anything. Do not assume that everyone knows what OMG, BTW, YW, Y, N, etc. means. Everyone does not text and those acronyms can mean very different things in corporate environments.

3. Use advice, advise, your, you're, then, than, etc. in the right context. Mixing them up can look VERY unprofessional.

4. Avoid calling people anything but their names. You don't want to call your male co-workers "Buddy" and never ever call your female co-workers "Babe," "Baby," "Honey," "Sweetie," etc.

Another book I am going to recommend is "Woe is I" by Patricia T. O'Conner. It is great at helping you avoid mistakes like the misuse of then and than.

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