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Job Ideas For College Students

Cory Said:

new part time job ideas for college student?

We Answered:

You should try finding a job on campus. It's easy to get to and they are very flexible when it comes to needing time off for exams, papers, etc. A lot of my friends did this during school and it worked out really well for them. Sometimes you can even transition into a full-time position after graduation, to get some work experience.

Margie Said:

What are some job ideas for a college student with a very very busy schedule?

We Answered:

Well, I am a college student on a small campus and I am involved with a few clubs and sports so I am pretty busy. I got a job on campus and it actually works out really well. I just sat at a desk all day and did homework. It was really convenient because I was right there so I saved time traveling and the bonus was that is was so super easy I did homework the whole time. You don't have to qualify for work study to get a lot of the jobs. The book store, areas where students can congregate, dorms, etc. All great ways to earn a little cash without very much time.

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