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Job In Uk For Students

Leah Said:

Job Prospects in UK for International students after MSc Accounting and Finance?

We Answered:

Check out universities like Warwick, Bristol and Bath - all have a good reputation in the accounting and finance area. Another one to look out for is Aston, which is a decidedly average to poor university for most subjects but has an excellent business school.
A fresher can expect to earn £20,000 - £25,000 as a starting salary, depending on the area in which you live. There is healthy competition for places but having an MSc from a reputable university will certainly put you in good stead for a job.

Max Said:

What is the current job situation in the UK for international postgrad students, how hard is it to find a job?

We Answered:

Once you have a MA Degree you are in the top twenty percent.

Employers are looking for people with experience in their industry or field. It is important to make your degree more meaningful by doing some industry specific training courses or getting work experience.

It is very difficult to find a job anywhere based on your degree experience alone. The NHS for instance will employ someone with any kind of degree and train them for a specific role within the organisation.

Many graduates don't realise how the employer sees the degree and many are discouraged because no one tells them like it really is.

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Debbie Said:

how to find a job in UK[international student]?

We Answered:

You will need a visa if you were born outside the EU. So apply now for a student visa. You can work part time with this. Then send your cv to several recruitment agencies. Find local bed and breakfast accommodation for the first week and then get a room in a house . Good wishes :) xx

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