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Job Listings For High School Students

Clara Said:

What kind of salaries do student affairs professionals make?

We Answered:

I am a college enrollment counselor/academic adviser for a state community college in New England and I make about $22.00 an hour before taxes and the benefits are outstanding. I only work part time but if you do the math that comes out out to 45,760 a year for a full time employee and I haven't been doing it for very long.
Just so you know I only have a BA. I am working on my masters in another field(hence the part time work.) You don't really need a masters but of course it helps. You might want to try to get a part time job in the field while you work on your masters.

Bertha Said:

Getting My First Apartment?

We Answered:

Landlords certainly go for older tenants before students. This is because they have a previous renting history, often have a more stable job and income, and are more willing to keep up the apartment without constantly asking the landlord to. I also think its because they may stay longer than students who are only interested in staying until they graduate. I think if your the only applicant for an apartment that they would be willing to rent it to you, but often there is always someone else who applied who may be more appealing to be a tenant.

It wouldn't hurt to explain your situation to them. If they do not think you can afford the apartment then you explain that you do have part time employment and a student loan of X amount. It would also be a good idea to have your security deposit and first and last month available immediately because the landlord will want it and it looks better if everything is ready.

References for you would be anyone who can back up your information and portray you in a good life. This would include your boss, teachers, and neighbors. This will be able to tell them if your quiet, reliable, honest and employed.

So if the add says only for mature applicants to apply it may be okay by you giving them a phonecall because if no one else applied for the space then they may be a lot more willing to look at other applications rather than have the apartment sit unoccupied.

Doris Said:

My parents are being difficult, how can I deal with them?

We Answered:

First of all, you are 21, which makes you an adult, so why are you asking them at all? Are they footing the bill for your housing? If so, then I can understand them wanting to choose. However, most colleges have some sort of dormitory facilities, even for upperclassmen. Have you thoroughly checked out those possibilities? Don't give up. Keep looking and you will find something.

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