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Job Openings For Students

Julio Said:

What job openings are there in nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?

We Answered:

Http:// has a large, searchable database of open positions at nonprofits worldwide. You can also search for volunteer opportunities if you would like to 'test the waters' first in a specific field.

Dale Said:

job openings for eighteen year old high school student?

We Answered:

im 19 a high school graduate, && i cant find crap.

it being seasonal though, alot of retailers will be hiren, try walmart or target, best buy, circuit city? hmmm they pay good during christmas time also. good luck.

Martin Said:

How will our “aging” society affect job openings and occupational choices for students in the future?

We Answered:

Our aging affects job openings, because our generation has to work longer to retire, and because of the bad economy, many older workers had to go back into the work force, leaving fewer job for students. Sometimes students have a college degree, but don't have the work experience to go with the degree, so they have a hard time getting a job. On the other hand, many older workers are loosing their jobs because it is easier for a company to fire people with longevity, and hire younger workers at a lower salary. That really doesn't solve much, but they do it.

Jason Said:

what are the job openings in VLSI Chip design for a fresh Graduate student?

We Answered:

Contact Intel or Motorola or Cisco

Go onto

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