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Job Opportunities For Students

Alice Said:

Which is the most sought after engineering field in USA for which international students should apply to?

We Answered:

You cannot get work in the USA as an aerospace engineer unless you are a US citizen. The catch is that unless you have an engineering job you cannot be sponsored for immigration and you cannot get the job unless you are already a citizen. For international students, aerospace engineering can be a trap.

Petroleum Engineers are actually the highest paid engineers with only a BSc. Chemnical and Mechanical engineering are good as well.

Jennifer Said:

Job opportunities for international students in Perth?

We Answered:

Given your limitation (20 hours a week) the most common jobs are service related - supermarket, petrol station, McDonalds etc. Expect to take home (After taxes) around $220 per week for working 20 hours a week. This will not be enough to cover your living expenses if sharing your accommodation (you need between 300-400 per week) but will be able to subsidize it.

Norman Said:

job opportunities for foreign students and their spouses?

We Answered:

Would he be interested in being a part owner of a business. If so. Email

Bernice Said:

Are there more job opportunities for college students who graduate a semester early?

We Answered:

No. Everyone has the same opportunities.

Terri Said:

Are there any sites that offer part-time job opportunities for San Diego college students?

We Answered:

Sure - your college should have an office of Career Advisement and Placement that receives and posts jobs available for college students, and they should also have other services to help you prepare your resume, practice for interviews, etc. Check them out first - i bet if you check the schools web site you can access their databse online if you don't feel like going in.

Esther Said:

What job opportunities are available for someone with a pastry & baking arts diploma?

We Answered:

You are looking at working in the food service industry. What you do exactly is up to you. You could become a chef, specializing in pastries and/or desserts. You could gear yourself towards restaurant management (though you would do well to take those management courses). You could become a food critic, if you have writing skills. Or you could teach pastry and baking arts.

Annette Said:

job opportunities for criminology students?

We Answered:

There are PLENTY of job opportunities in that field. Having that degree will only make it easier for you and will give you more options that doing strictly law enforcement or corrections which is what i do.

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