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Job Part Time Student

Randall Said:

Full time College student, part time job, depend on parents, should I file taxes?

We Answered:

You can file to get all of your federal and state withholding back.. You will not get the social security and medicare back.

You will file single and put that your parents are claiming you on their tax return.

This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as sit applies to the facts that you have provided.……

Warren Said:

Where can i get a good part time student job?

We Answered:

Fox News has reported that online scams are up 400%
Be careful what you do online -
especially if you are looking for easy money.

Jean Said:

College student part time job questions?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Steve Said:

How much does a student part-time job pay in Manchester?

We Answered:

I studied in salford, but was fortunate enough to get by without working! however some of my friends had jobs, typically in bars, and unfortunately subway and mc donalds. Have a walk around the town center, or wherever you are living and look for jobs, it is possible to earn enough, but only just! do you not have a student loan ? a part time job with a student loan will help much more.

also check the uni website, there is a link to jobs for students.

Anthony Said:

Part-time job for a college student - what would you recommend?

We Answered:

Gosh, I sympathize with you . I put myself through nursing school that same way!

Sales of any kind can be stressful.
Without knowing anything about you and your personality it is very hard to make a suggestion. There are many jobs available but I don't know your financial situation either.

Perhaps you could incorporate your studies with a job search.
In other words find something in your relevant field.

Maybe you need to change places of employment. These chain restaurants are high paced, high turnover, an unsympathetic. Find yourself a family owned dinner restaurant perferably "white table cloth". A more upscale clientele is likely to be there. Most of the time a lot less hassles and the tips are great !

Alicia Said:

What's a good part time job for a UNLV student in this kind of economy?

We Answered:

When I went at UNLV I worked at the preschool it was $10 an hour and they where very flexiable with the hours.

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