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Job Search For High School Students

Douglas Said:

What kind of job would this be.....? (high school student searching for a career)?

We Answered:

Industrial Designer

Ernest Said:

Help does anyone know of a job opening in Md. for high school students? Im 17. Plz help!?

We Answered:

I suggest you check This Link
I hope that resolves your problem.
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Pearl Said:

I am a senior high school student and can’t find a job, what’s wrong with my resume?

We Answered:

Get more references, Also try putting job experiance before volunteer experiance, Also what's good about your communication skills? Listening? Giving feedback? Make sure to let the people you are giving your resume to a little push to let them know you're alive. Send them a note saying you appreciate them looking at your resume and they might take a second look.

Eric Said:

Should I take the easy to get job or keep searching for what I would prefer (high school student)?

We Answered:

First things first: both jobs SUCK.

Sorry to tell you, but both of the jobs you are trying to go for is going to suck. Being a waitress is not fun. Being in retail is not fun. In both jobs, you have to deal with rotten customers that are going to treat you like **** if the smallest thing goes wrong, even if it is completely out of your control. No one likes having a retail job, and no one likes having a waitress job either (unless you get into a really fancy, high class restaurant, lol).

Now that that is out of the way, I strongly suggest going for the retail job at AE. It will probably be a much more relaxed environment, which is good for a high school student and all the stress you'll be under now that you are nearing senior year. They will offer the most flexible hours for you probably, especially if you have connections there. Not to mention, it pays a hell of a lot more. And a good rule of thumb: always go for the place where you have the most connections. A good working environment is ALWAYS about the connections you have. That's why networking is so important to success.

The waitress job will more than likely be very unpleasant. You probably won't get nearly as flexible hours, and the pay will be below minimum wage. You'll really have to rely on your customers being generous, decent people because they will be the ones paying you through their tips. Restaurant atmospheres seem nice when you are the one sitting back and getting waited on, but when you have to run around and make sure everyone's orders are right and on time, its not so great. Trust me. Though not being able to serve alcohol will let you avoid being around the drunks, you will still have to serve the drunks food.

So yeah, if I were you, I'd definitely go for the AE job. Connections, better pay, more relaxed atmosphere make for a much better job experience for a high schooler.

Martin Said:

How do you write an resume for an inexperienced high school student?

We Answered:

Focush on persona skills, such as computers, typing, etc. If you got a facebook, then u can put web design. Most likely, nobody is gonna drill you with that, but it shows that you're smart and made an effort. You can also just go to a meeting for one day and then put in activities. Actually, you can lie since nobody really give crap about that, unless u go to college.

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