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Job Search For Students

Melinda Said:

i'm looking for job's students ....?

We Answered:

If you looking for a summer job that may possibly turn into a full-time job that won't take time away from school you should check this out, seriously.

The website is

There are a lot of jobs to perform to put extra cash in your pocket.

Happy hunting and stay positive.

Sergio Said:

job search?

We Answered:

give them your Driver Lic. they may not ask for anything else. if they do you;ll have time to get the est im sure

Michele Said:

How has job searching changed in today's economy?

We Answered:

it's pretty crappy

Martha Said:

In a job search, what's the difference between 'sales' and 'retail'?

We Answered:

When you go to buy a large purchase like a mobile phone, specialised furniture, cars etc. then usually you'll walk into the shop and someone will try and sell you a product. That is a sales job. Obviously this is a very broad area and will not always be based in a shop. Sometimes you'll be selling to the public and sometimes it will be to private or business clients.

A retail job is shop work and doesn't require you to do any selling at all, you will simply be there to put things through the till and take the payment. You may be asked to 'recommend' products to customers, but you won't actually have to sell the products to them.

On job sites though there will be two types of 'sales' jobs. A 'sales assistant' is another term for retail assistant, most if not all sales assistant jobs will be retail jobs. Job titles like 'sales person' 'sales executive' etc. will be the sales jobs. These generally pay a lot more than retail and usually come with some sort of bonus or commission and most of the time you will have to meet targets.

Christopher Said:


We Answered:

There are a number of sites that are targeted to college students, or recent college grads. One that I recently came across that I find very helpful is TheOnlineBeat ( You can search 5 different job boards and see what they have available in your area. The best part is you only enter your job description and location once. When filling in your job description, he more descriptive you are the better results you will get. Try something like "part time video production" or "entry level video production". Good luck!!!

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