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Job Search Student

Janice Said:

I'm a high school student, how should I start my job search?

We Answered:

As someone with "job searching" experience; I will tell you to dress nealty and clean when handing in applications. If you want to know if a certain place is hiring; ask to speak to a manager. My calls about your application about 4 days- a week after you apply for a job. And if you apply in person for a job; handing the application to a manager.

Matthew Said:

What are the best online job search sites for a 3rd year student doing her Honors in Sociology in Montreal?

We Answered:

A) Largest sites:


B) and then check out the CRAIGSLIST.COM for each city you are interested in living. Also FREE to post your resume there as well

C) Identify job websites that are specific to your industry: - ie type in keyword industry and JOBS and see what comes up. Suggest you find the Professional trade association for executives in your industry. Example " MPI" = Meeting Professionals International for people in the meetings industry. These organizations will also have jobs listing which will oftentimes NEVER appear in the other job sites

TIP: put a keyword section on the bottom of your ONLINE resume - and type in keywords, JOB TITLES, job duties, phrases,buzz words, pull these out of job listings that interest you -that way YOUR resume will come up when employer do a search

Good Luck

Lester Said:

Job Search For College Student ?

We Answered:

you can train as a nurse assistant look at healthcare jobs at good luck

Kimberly Said:

what is a really good student job search website in NZ?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Eduardo Said:


We Answered:

The other answers seem fishy. Beware. You can try on a site like, or more easily for the kind of jobs you'd be likely to get, you could just walk into the store or restaurant or office and ask if they're hiring, and fill out an application.

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