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Job Searches For High School Students

Jimmie Said:

Do we need computer skills in for every type of job?

We Answered:

well you can definitely say you have computer skills since im sure you had to use the computer in highschool sometime. list any clubs or organizations you are or were in (especially if you held an office) include organizations outside of school as well. even if you have babysat for your siblings or cousins or something put that too. or any church involvement or perhaps awards you got have gotten. when you're first starting out you kinda have to improvise on things. most times jobs just wanna know that you're dependable, responsible, can work independently, and of course any special skills needed for the job, so make sure you include things you've done that demonstrate this.....

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dissertation proposal writing services said:

Some students can get higher education after completing their secondary education, they want to get a job. I fully agree they should learn computer skills so that they may succeed to get technical education and easily get a job.