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Job Seekers Allowance Students

Dora Said:

Student living at home, can I get job seekers allowance whilst I'm out of work?

We Answered:

No you can't.…

Alan Said:

How soon can a full time student start claiming Job Seekers Allowance?

We Answered:

As soon as you ae not in full time education and are available for work.

Dwayne Said:

are students returning to college after the summer entitiled to job seekers allowance?

We Answered:

I don't think so. Technically you are not seeking full-time employment.

Louis Said:

Can a student get Job Seekers allowance?

We Answered:

poss ably yes you would be better looking on your local job center web site

Bobby Said:

Are university Students entitled to job seekers allowance.?

We Answered:

If you are on the summer break *during* your course - i.e. you will be returning to university/college in September - then no, you cannot sign on as you are classed as a student.

If you've just finished your final year, you can sign on as soon as your course ends.

Kathryn Said:

Students & Job Seekers Allowance?

We Answered:

(the women on the top doesn't no what she's talking about trust me). She said a load of B.S. Any way returning to your question....

I think he is entitled to it!

He should go and check with the JSA office. (job centre).
I don't think he will get the full amount (that unemployed people get) but he will get a bit. they will also find him a job if he is willing to corporate with them.

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