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Job Test For Students

Jamie Said:

If u take a drug test for a job & fail the drug test can they forward that info to a nursing school?

We Answered:

why are you doing drugs while you are in nursing school? You are going to screw up everything you have worked for.

The places you do your clinicals like to know from your school that you are okay to care for their patients if you have been fired from there because they don't feel like you are safe to care for their patients I can not see them allowing you to do it in nursing school. You may never be allowed to be a nurse now. You will have to pick something else. Maybe law or something.

Thinking about all that I have worked for in Nursing school I cannot believe someone would do something so stupid.

Joel Said:

Does anyone know of a free career / job test online that you don't have to sign up for to get results?

We Answered:

There are job search sites online, and there are interest inventories online to help you determine your aptitudes and while many of them are free they are there to find prospects for some program being sold. They're looking for recruits.

Have you been to the placement office at your college? You might ask your present advisor about an interest inventory available at your college. The Discovery Guidance program is one that is available on software.

Leo Said:

Can Foreign Students get a job in Japan?

We Answered:

It is allowed to work 28 hrs / week for university students and 14 hrs / week for auditing students or college students.
Please apply for the work permission, about which you can get the information from your school.

Tracy Said:

I have to take a test in order to get a job with the moreno valley school district what does the test have?

We Answered:

I think most likely the test will include basic reading, writing, and math. It is probably a basic skills test.

Jason Said:

Carrer counseling for 10th and 12th students?

We Answered:

I think that you should start off taking about your own examples from high school. Tell the truth about what type of student you are...either a good or bad student, what you originally thought you wanted to do in college, talk about what school, maybe some experiences you've had since you've been in college, and discuss the different type of options for everyone; the poor student, the average student, the super smart student, the student that doesn't want college. Show them what's available for everyone, not just the msart ppl with tons of money for school.

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