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Job Vacancies In London For Students

Pauline Said:

Is there anything wrong with this CV?

We Answered:

You should do at least a 2 page of CV. You also need to add a covering letter supporting the CV towards that post. The CV lacks enough basic information in depth which they might want to see. Profile statement was a bullet pointed with a one sentence. You giving a first impression about yourself in one line only, which to you might be simple and concise. But to them, it might come across, is that all you can sell yourself to us. It should be a 3- 4 lines. State your education where you studied, what you studied, and what where your grades, if results are not out yet, mention that it is still pending.

Sections that needed to be included in your CV are :
Hobbies and Interest
Work Experience
Computer Skills

After you got the interview, don't forget to write to them, ' a thank you letter'. Or maybe, they don't need staff at the moment since two mention until christmas period.

Ronnie Said:

Does anyone know of any part time shop vacancies in Central/North London?

We Answered:

yeah, jobs are pretty rare these days now this global recession crap is happening.

If you're looking to make extra money i recommend you go on that survey vault website everyone is talking about though, I'm actually using it to pay for my family's Xmas gifts this year and its working for me really well - you could probibly use it while you job hunt.

the URL is if you want to try it.

anyway, i hope i helped you out!
- Dave

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