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Job Vacancies Part Time

Jesus Said:

Is it bad for an 18yr old that hasn't had a part-time job.?

We Answered:

Voluntary work for a little while would be a good stepping stone in the right direction. Best wishes. UK

Fred Said:

Who do you talk to about vacancies when applying for a part time job?

We Answered:

Usually, you can ask any employee if they're hiring. If that employee doesn't know they'll probably refer you to the manager. If you want to skip straight to the answer, just ask to see the manager and ask them if they have any job openings. Also, if you're informed that they're not hiring ask for a job application anyway, fill it out and return it in a few days. Most places of employment keep them on file for quite a while. At my part-time job (ebgames), people just come in and ask for applications all the time & we hand them out upon request. That doesn't mean we're hiring, but it does get your face seen & your information on file, both a good start.

Best of luck out there!

Elaine Said:

Display software companies address and job vacancy (Part time job also)?

We Answered:

try this for part time jobs…

Joann Said:

Depressed because I can't get a part-time job?

We Answered:

I'm having trouble finding a job also. I have a 1 1/2 year old and it is difficult to find a job that allows me to have weekends off. I need a full time job but everyone wants you to be able to have flexible hours...well i can't work evenings and weekends...cause day care centers aren't open during those times and I have no family to watch my baby for me....yes NO FAMILY. Hard to believe but all I have is my husband and his closest family member lives 2 hours away. We barely get by and have to pay our bills with credit cards....i'm so in debt it's not even funny.

I had a good job as a medical assistant for 5 months then my husband got a job transfer to another city 90 miles away.....i had to leave that job and now I can't get an MA job because "I don't have the experience"....well I'm sorry I had to move.....LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I've tried job after job and I get turned down because of lack of's discouraging....and I cry.

Good luck to you ....hope you find something soon.

Tanya Said:

Im 17 and cant find a part time job, how can i make money while still at school?Any ideas?

We Answered:

A lot of young people get hired as telemarketers by different firms. In fact, some colleges will hire students to telemarket to their alumni for donations. In the meantime, if you type pretty good, put notices up around school offering to type essays for people (not plagiarizing).

Lois Said:

Are there any part time job vacancies in Reading, UK?

We Answered:

You can goto Google search engine and check job vacancies or visit also check local papers,or ask around at your local shops go as if you are attending and interview.see if any of that helps.Other websites s1jobs,monster,that new jobsite being ad on tv

Jared Said:

Apply for jobs in the public sector, education, media, graduate jobs, full time or part time vacancies?

We Answered:

Apply for jobs in the public sector, education, media, graduate jobs, full time or part time vacancies.

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