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Jobs 4 U

Suzanne Said:

do you think information technology has a future? will it support permanent jobs after 4 years? what do u thnk

We Answered:

There is definitely a future in information technology! As long as people are using computers you'll have a job. Don't just take my word for it, though. If you go to the Cisco forum you can talk to plenty of IT professionals and see what they think. I would say Cisco is really the leader in IT training. Check it out:…

Edith Said:

what r some jobs u apply 4 online?

We Answered:

yes dear. go to:

for a full list.

Louis Said:

How do u figure out what u wanna do in ur life?

We Answered:

I think you should consider that you need to be very good at it, whatever you choose.Possibly among the best.If you are appreciated as a good professional,it will be a lot easier to find opportunities in your career.Good luck!

Dawn Said:

What jobs can u do with unspent convictions section 4 and 5?

We Answered:

Hopefully you had someone who represented you legally at your court appearances. Start there. You need to ask a responsible attorney how to go about applying for work. Very possibly there is a correct legal way for you to answer those employment applications so that you are able to find work. Make sure you get an attorney's advice. Start with the public defender you had or whatever attorney represented you and go from there. Often, communities have free legal clinics if you can't afford an attorney or if you have no public defender. Also, ask the local law schools if they have law students who can help you. The problem you are having almost certainly can be solved by a good lawyer or paralegal. Good Luck!

Troy Said:

Are there any jobs out there that pay around 100k a year where u only need 4 years of college?

We Answered:

Look at Logistics. They all come out with jobs starting around $50K+ and make better than $100K within 2 years.

Lance Said:

How many jobs could the U.S. create in 4 years by investing heavily in solar and wind energy alternatives?

We Answered:

I would prefer they invest in Nuclear Power. It is more reliable, works in all climate areas, less environmental impact area, and cheaper power.

Nothing wrong with Solar and Wind, they are just not as cost effective and efficient.

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