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Jobs And Internships

Sandra Said:

International jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and working abroad information.?

We Answered:

Peace Corps is a great opportunity for Americans, but it is very specific in it's requirements and not very flexible. Also the application process is long.

You can check with your college or University (it's okay if it's a former on). They will have the ability to study abroad or intern.

UN Volunteers allows you to volunteer abroad. The US Embasy has an intern plan that can send you abroad. USAID had postions abroad...

There are a lot of possiblities. A good place to start is the State Department webpage they go through a lot of the options.

Felix Said:

What types of Jobs/Internships can I find with an International Studies Degree? Any links, websites info? HELP?

We Answered:

The University of Dreams is an internship placement program that has programs in cities around the world, including Sydney. All internships include room & board, transportation to and from work, weekly seminars, and weekend activities - it's a great program! I was placed in Los Angeles and had an amazing summer. All internships are guaranteed, so you're sure to have a good experience. If you decide to apply, use the reference code OU_CM on the application to receive a rushed acceptance decision since you heard from an alumni.

You can get more info at

Bobbie Said:

What jobs, internships and volunteers would you try to do if you are a psychology major?

We Answered:

Hi there

I am a third year psych major, so can relate to your question. I live in Australia so my advice may not suit your criteria, however.... look at profiling in FBI you can't ever set the fence high enough with this knowledge you have been blessed in undertaking. Or maybe child safety, adolescence or related fields.

It's your choice. Hope my suggestions broaden your horizons.

Goog Luck

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Paket Pulau Pari said:

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