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Jobs For 18 Year Old College Students

Roberto Said:

what are some good jobs for an 18 year old college student?

We Answered:

stripper j/k being a waiter or host is always a good choice.

Fernando Said:

Would it be possible for 5, 18 year olds with part time jobs to get a cheap mortgage as college students in UK

We Answered:

Ok, as with most things there is a backdoor to achieving what you want. It is often hidden and difficult to gain access to, but the door does exist. The way to do this would be to avoid banks altogether (they will NEVER give you a mortgage, unless one of you is a millionaire or something). What you want to do is talk with owners who are selling their homes about either:

1. Owner Financing - where the homeowner finances you and you pay monthly payments directly to them/him/her, or

2 Lease-to-own (or Rent-to-own) contract where you pay the owner a down payment and pay rent on a property, then when you are ready, you can purchase the home and many of the payments you have made count towards the down payment when you are ready to get a mortgage.

These are the only two ways I could see you pulling it off, the former (Owner financing) being your best bet. But look into both and learn more about it. These type of deals can be potentially a win-win for both you and the home seller which is why, with the right amount of persuasion, it is very possible to pull off.

A few links:

Charlotte Said:

What's a good job for an 18 year old college student without that much work experience to get while in college?

We Answered:

I would say an apprenticeship of some kind. This will teach you specialized skills and will help you get a job when you graduate.

The most convenient jobs are the ones on campus. They tend to be hard to get. However, try Student Government -- that was a paying gig when I went to school. If you don't want to run a campaign, try for an office job or apply for a position after someone quits. Also, the student newspaper has a job for almost any profession (designers, writers, photographers, copy editor, advertising sales).

If you can't find a paying job (or even if you can), try donating some of your time to a non-profit center during the year. You may be able to score an internship with them over the summer.

Keep your eyes open for internships. Your Career Center equivalent should be able to help you research this.

Arthur Said:

What are good jobs to look into as a 17/18 year old?

We Answered:

Looking for work puts you at a big fork in the road. One option is to have someone else organize the work for you. Working in retail or fast food is an example of this. Your specific role would be part of a bigger system of operations that some highly paid person has put together. And, some other highly paid person thinks through how to generate sales. If you want to work without thinking much this is a good option and you make it possible for others to be paid well, especially if you have limited experience and skills.

Another option is to organize the work yourself. For example, lots of people my age (40s) don't have the time or strong back to get work done around the house. In fact, it takes lots of work to find someone reliable to do work like cutting the grass and shoveling snow. One way to start a business with this type of work is to walk through a nearby neighborhood, estimate the time it would take to do a specific chore (e.g. cutting grass for a specific yard) and write up a bid. A bid is simply a single page of paper that says gives your name and address, describes the work, your price for the work and what the person needs to do to ask you to do the work. You may need to give bids to a couple of houses before you get your first customer, but that's business. Borrow a mower, cut a bunch of grass, buy some mowers, hire some of your friends, cut more grass, buy a truck and suddenly you have real income coming in.

Randall Said:

What's a good part-time job for an 18 year old in college?

We Answered:

retail stores/ clothing
movie theater/ theaters - any entertainment places that's busy at the weekend
bar tending/ waitress
sports center
animal shelter

Robert Said:

can an 18 year old college student handle a 6k loan from a bank or lender?

We Answered:

Nope...I'm in the banking industry and I see people 2 or 3 times your age who can't handle a $6000 debt. If you lost your job, do you have enough saved to cover the payments for 3 months? If not, I wouldn't do it. Not to mention, if you drop $6000 into your car, and it is totaled tomorrow, the insurance company is only going to give you book value without the extra work you put into it.

Cynthia Said:

What part-time jobs can you suggest for an 18 year old college student?

We Answered:

Honestly, i'm 15 and have never had a job, but I know that servers at a restaurant make a lot of money, especially from tips. And it doesn't require much experience, perfect job for a college student.

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