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Jobs For A Level Students

Violet Said:

What is considered an entry level job?

We Answered:

It makes sense because after you are working somewhere for only 1 year, in a way, you don't know so much and therefore it could still be considered entry-level.
What you could do is play up the experience you do have. If you feel you have the requirements for the job, talk about your previous jobs/internships and say how that gave you a lot of experience and will help you on the job.
Good luck!

Pauline Said:

Biomedical Engineering Jobs - where do I find entry level job?

We Answered:

You may be asking for too much or maybe too little? if you are new to engineering in general which i suspect you are ? It will actually take alot more than than that, to include making sure your letters and resume are free of typing and or grammitical errors. This will turn them off very fast. Best of luck to you.

Johnny Said:

Jobs for A level student?!?

We Answered:

try with merchant banks and insurance companies. in their websites there are often opportunities for A-level students. Good luck!

Jacqueline Said:

Entry level jobs for QUIET, INTROVERTED college student?

We Answered:

Why don't you work in a museum or art gallery.

Minnie Said:

What kind of entry level jobs involve traveling throughout the US?

We Answered:


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