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Jobs For College Students In Chicago

Gail Said:

My son (26) has kidney pain & headache? Might be? Free medical care Chicago area for college student?

We Answered:

There's a bajillion clinics in the Chicago area....what school is he going to? Most of them have free healthcare for students.

Cynthia Said:

Do anyone know of entry level jobs in chicago?

We Answered:

I know a business that since you live in Illinois is something that you can make a ton of money from easily. watch a video about it at to find out more info. this is a great opportunity.

Dianne Said:

Looking for a part time job in chicago?

We Answered:

What is your major in school? Getting a part time job that focuses on what field your looking to get into after graduation would be the best thing for you to do. Once you figure out your options, set up a account and search for part time positions in that field. Other great resources are, Careerbuilder, your college career center and staffing agencies. Good Luck!

Crystal Said:

Any info about jobs in the Chicago Heights, IL area? Places that are hiring?

We Answered:

TCF Bank is always hiring...go to to fill out an application.

Sue Said:

What's good for a college student that doesn't drink in downtown Chicago?

We Answered:

I assume you're asking this question as to something that will occupy your evenings? Chicago is an expensive city and the choices can be quickly limited by a budget. I would start by saying excercise. Bike/Job along the lake will give you an opportunity to meet a lot of new people with interests much similar to yours. Chicago is also a city of a lot of colleges (UIC and DePaul) would both be good places to hang out. You might be putting yourself into a drinking scene but by no means does that require you to drink. There is Navy Pier and Watertower place which can occupy you sometimes but can also get boring quickly. Chicago always has some festivity going on to street fests/art fairs/parties. I know this might be a far cry but wrigleyville always has the Cubs and when they are in town something is always going on. There are many choices and they are easy to find if you are familiar to city settings. Good Luck!

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