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Jobs For College

Natalie Said:

Can someone tell me where to get the list of College jobs?

We Answered:

If you mean jobs that typically require a college education:

Highest Paying Occupations requiring "some college" or an associate degree:…

Highest Paying Occupations requiring a bachelor's degree or higher:…

Bradley Said:

i need ideas for jobs/ college majors that involve creativity and are very hands on.?

We Answered:

Engineering or architecture.

Maureen Said:

Is taking on modeling school/modeling jobs, college for crime scene investigation,. and work to much to handle?

We Answered:

first off, john casablancas is NOT a modeling agency, and therefore you dont have a modeling 'contract'- youre simply getting ripped off!! its a scam, and they take anyone who has the money to pay them. no legit agency would ever tell you you have to pay for modeling classes, use a certain photographer and pay for pictures to be taken, pay any kind of fee to sign up with them- no money up front at all, in other words. there have been investigations into this pace as well as barbazon, and they found that they do indeed take every signle person whos interested as long as they can pay the ridiculous fees. they also found that they do not have connections to the real fashion or commercial industry whatsoever. modeling classes are bogus, and real agencies will not book a girl who has gone to this place or any other place like it, because she has not only learned outdated and useless modeing tips, but they also look a bit naive. if you can, get out of this place now, while you can. ive been in the industry a long time, and know that my agency will not look seriously at a girl with john casablancas on her resume. so, in short, going to college while john casablancas isnt too time consuming, but its a complete waste of money and time; believe me, you will not book work through them.

Daryl Said:

What can I start doing at 15 to greatly improve my resume for jobs/college?

We Answered:

You can do volunteer fund raisers for charities, community service/volunteer work, become and active member in student council and other academic clubs, sports, etc.

Tony Said:

What are some good high paying jobs I can go to college for?

We Answered:

If you're talking an undergraduate degree, you can earn a BSE, Engineering and work as an Engineer. A BA in Business, or Finance, or Economics, or Accounting is usually a pretty good option. A BS in Chemistry is a good degree to have and there are lots of jobs in Pharm industries, or in Geography or Geology, where you can work for an Oil company. (i.e. GIS professional) A BS in CS or IS (information systems) is a decent degree to have, and leads to jobs in computer industries.

All of these are 4 year degrees, if you wish to go longer you can earn a graduate degree and earn more. i.e. an MBA is 2 more years, a JD is 3 more years, and an MD is 4 more years. (Business, Law school, or Med School) Generally speaking, these graduate degrees are economically viable (they pay themselves back) while Ph.D.s often do not. (Not many businesses hire a Ph.D. in Business as their CEO because of their degree, the MBA is already the gold standard. . . also someone with a PH.D. in medical research makes less than your run of the mill, if there is such a thing, MD doc)

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