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Jobs For Engineering Students

Micheal Said:

what are the jobs available for the engineering students around th eworld?

We Answered:

um. lets could got it! AN ENGINEER!!! good luck with that

Ana Said:

is it true that aerospace engineering jobs do not take students of other nationalities except for their own?

We Answered:

Many American aerospace companies will only hire US citizens and sometimes permanent residents. This is due to the requirement that most employees hold security clearances.

Albert Said:

Types of part-time jobs for engineering students?

We Answered:

Look into positions where you get to work with Electronics. Look at places like Circuit City, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears Repair Shop, etc. These companies hire people on a part-time basis to repair equipment.

Another suggestion would be to watch the keywords you use in websites like Monster. Try "Service Technician" or just "Technician." For best results, just try part-time and scan all of the PT jobs in your area. The one for you may be hiding under an unexpected category.

Lastly, try You can put in your zip code and find jobs as close as 5 miles to your house. You can use keywords or not and filter by part-time.

Good luck.

Elsie Said:

part time jobs for engineering students in electronics?

We Answered:

Okay I'd suggest some jobs , but note that most of them need some tution to get the neccessary primary experience that will help in the job. A part time job could be :

* Tutor >> for Primary and secondary school students (math, science, ..etc)
* programmer
* Graphics and animation creator >> to work in advertising media
* Electronic devices maintenance
* e-business owner >> creat business online ..etc

And so on

Good Luck

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