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Jobs For Gap Year Students

Doris Said:

Question about salary for a first job...?

We Answered:

maybe around 8-9 bucks sounds reasonable

Joan Said:

Ive taken a gap year do i still pay back my grant?

We Answered:

Yes, but you may be able to pay it in installments.

Gordon Said:

What is your opinion on gap year taken by students leaving school?

We Answered:

im currently taking a gap year and i think it has many advantages
it helped me make the decision of what i want to do with the rest of my life
it gave me time to go back to school and upgrade.
gave me experience with a full-time job and allowed me to save money up for school.
Disadvantages are mainly that you might not end up going to school at all if you take a gap year.
I personally think the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, because i wouldn't want to spend a year in college and then figure out i want to do something else and end up wasting at least 12000 dollars on something i'll probably never use.

Todd Said:

What do people do for gap year?

We Answered:

There are many excellent gap year programs. Explore some of the hyperlinks below. What a lucky girl your sister is to have you to help her plan!

Victor Said:

Any advice for gap year work?

We Answered:

Try visiting your local career center, your state website, or cruise line websites.

The following links also have government job listings (for US Citizens looking) for work abroad:………

Agnes Said:

A Chinese Student looking for a GAP YEAR abroad!!!!?

We Answered:

come on man i had almost 3 years gap

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