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Jobs For Graduate

Sherri Said:

what graduate jobs should i be applying for? good places to find them?

We Answered:

Monster, Yahoo Hotjobs, Careerbuilder are some of the largest job boards, where you can apply for jobs and upload your resume. Since Craigslist, allows free job postings, many smaller companies post their vacancies on this online classifieds website. You can also search for jobs from multiple websites using aggregators like SimplyHired and Indeed. Referrals also are becoming a increasingly popular way to get hired. More details and website links available at…

Ted Said:

What graduate jobs should I be applying for?

We Answered:

While I have been searching on that site there have been vacancies for check the jobs pages in your local newspaper...If you know of the Metro I advice you pick it up!!


Gary Said:

What type of graduate jobs do they have for airlines such as BA and Virgin?

We Answered:

go to - these are people in the aviation business; pilots, cabin crew, engineers etc.
If anyone will have any advice to help you - you will gain it here.

Good Luck

Laura Said:

Is anyone looking for graduate jobs in Marketing or Advertising? Have you had any luck?

We Answered:

erm im not looking for that but i know nationwide are currently recruiting in that field, positions are based in their Swindon HQ

hope it helps

Francis Said:

What sort of tests do they do at assessment centres for graduate jobs?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Freddie Said:

How important is experience when applying for graduate jobs?

We Answered:

I got my first entry level job with the same company I interned with as a college junior and I know that helped. They are not looking for all the experience in the world since they don't expect you to hit the ground running but little things like internships really really really improve your chances.

I think what they are looking for are signs that indicate that the candidate is teachable. For instance, a high GPA generally indicates that you are smart and would probably be able to learn on the job. Also, you should point out anything that you have done such as research papers and projects and identify skills that helped you do well in the projects that may help you excel on the job.

Entry level jobs typically don't have experience requirements since they are going to train you anyway.

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