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Jobs For International Students

Kelly Said:

jobs for international students?

We Answered:

The only "jobs" you will be able to get will probably be able to get are odd jobs, like mowing lawns or babysitting. If you're lucky enough to get hired by a restaurant or a boss who doesn't care that you don't have a green card, be prepared to get paid less than minimum wage and "under the table."

Javier Said:

Jobs for International students at UND or Embry Riddle?

We Answered:

No one can sponsor you to get a Green Card, you need to live in the U.S for 4 years to get it or the fastest and easiest way is marry a U.S citizen. And if by "sponsor" you meant someone who could pay you money so you could live for 4 years in the U.S, then, you could try searching for Financial Aids.
Sorry if this message wasn't what you were looking for (:

Javier Said:

part-time jobs for International students in Poland?

We Answered:

It's not a good idea because in 95% of jobs Polish language is required. In short, Polish is primary language and english is only secondary language in Poland.

Alfred Said:

Why do so many international students get jobs on Mackinac Island, MI?

We Answered:

Not knowing anything directly about Mackinac Island, it must be that employers there actively recruit internationals to work in the area.

There are a number of exchange-type and short-term employment programs that allow internationals to work in the USA without going through all the bureaucratic hoops of obtaining a regular employment visa + "green card".

The internationals take jobs that USA employers are unable to fill with Americans, and everyone wins.

Jordan Said:

which city has more odd jobs for international students? and what type of jobs are easy to find?

We Answered:

Cities with the highest population have more odd jobs for international students.

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