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Jobs For Law Students

Kurt Said:

job opportunities for law students/law graduates?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Sylvia Said:

What kind of side jobs are good for first year law students?

We Answered:

Law clerck in a lawyer's office, collecting bad debts for a bank or finance company are some options

Johnnie Said:

what kind of job do recently graduated law students get while waiting for bar results?

We Answered:

There are a few rare law firms who will hire those who are waiting for results, depending on your grades in law school. That is the best type of job to get and the toughest.

I worked as a law clerk in a small firm. I wanted to get experience and was unable to get a firm to hire me as an attorney. I was hired as a law clerk at a clerks salary. Once the results came in my salary and title changed to associate.

My theory is that a person who just graduated needs to get their foot in the door with a law firm, doing whatever they will hire for. I offered to do anything, including word processing, just to get with this firm. Good luck.

Daniel Said:

What kind of law-related jobs are available for students who have completed just 1 year of law school?

We Answered:

Don't listen to the guy about not finding a job. It may have been his personality.

I just read this in an article yesterday on LAW.COM.

"There may not be enough lawyers to feed the hiring appetite. According to our survey of summer associate hires, Am Law 200 firms expect to bring on roughly 10,000 associates next fall. That astonishing number equals about one-quarter of all the students who will graduate from U.S. law schools next year. To put it another way, the top 20 law schools will only produce about 6,500 graduates. "

I will put the link below -- I don't know if you need a subscription or not, but it doesn't hurt to get their feeds (or information either.)

As to the jobs -- check for a paralegal position, or perhaps a runner or billing clerk.

Joel Said:

Is a part-time 911 dispatcher position a good job for law enforcement students?

We Answered:

Of course, at least you will know if this is the field you want to work in. Depending on what you mean by going to school for "law enforcement" meaning you want to be an officer???? I would recommend you get a degree in anything other than criminal justice if you want to go into law enforcement. Other degrees make you better rounded but also give you a back up in case you leave law enforcement, get injured, or move into a manager/ranking position. Other jobs to consider are code enforcement or victims advocate.

Try 911 hot jobs

Good luck and happy job hunting

Elmer Said:

Are there any jobs available for High school students in a law firm>?

We Answered:

It's possible but most often firms will offer students experience opportunities rather than a payed position.

Experience through job shadowing/observation, volunteer work/intern, etc.

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