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Jobs For Mba Students

Dorothy Said:


We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Tamara Said:

how the position of jobs in australia for students pursuing mba and wat abt the condition of pr?

We Answered:


To be eligible for a Masters course in Australia, you will need to have the degree that deemed as equivalent to Australian Bachelor Degree. You will need to fill in the application form and send them together with the certified copy of all of your academic transcripts. If they cannot accept you for the Masters course, they may offer you a place in their Bachelor degree course with credit transfer, so you do not have to study from year 1 again.

There are only 42 (soon to be 43) universities in Australia, all of them are fully accredited and they are tightly controlled, therefore the quality and recognition of their graduates are equal from wherever university you are studying from. The most important thing is you have to READ the course information carefully, since some courses may have the same name but different content. MBA course is offered by most universities in Australia.

To find out the latest info abt course that you are taking and where it is offered, I suggest you to go to the online database below. It will give the list of institutions that are able to offer courses to international students who wants to continue their study in Australia. The info abt fees and requirements are available from the universities' websites. Please make sure that the information you are accessing are the one for International Students.

Now... I am not sure that MBA is a suitable course for you. First of all, you mentioned that you are abt to complete your BE, and most MBA course requires minimum of 2 years work experience in managerial level.
Second, you have done a business/economics course. MBA is actually created for ppl who do not have business background (eg, Engineer or Lawyers) but already got the work experience in managerial level. MBA course basically a fast-track business course where the students got the business course for abt 1-1.5yrs that usually given to undergraduate students for 3 yrs. MBA course is also a place where those managers exchanges ideas and experiences in real-life case studies. Therefore students who do not have work experiences before sometimes feel left-out.

If you have business background, you might consider a specialisation course, eg. Master in Accounting/Marketing. So this is to 'deepen' your knowledge.

The current immigration law allow international students who has successfully completed a 2yrs course to apply for a Temporary Resident visa to find work. However as immigration laws changes from time to time, it is hard to tell if the rules will be the same after you've graduated from your Masters course. The last major change in immigration law was in September 2007.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your study :)

Willard Said:

What kind of jobs are offered after pursuing MBA in International Business?

We Answered:

After finishing your studies you can earn at home it self

Gloria Said:

How to get a good job for newly MBA students in gulf?

We Answered:

You need to start by creating a professional resume.

Stella Said:

scope of jobs for mba for international students in usa?

We Answered:

i heard from newspaper weeks ago that us corp. are hiring and paying more for mba.

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Pulau Seribu said:

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