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Jobs For Part Time

Zachary Said:

Do part time jobs get vacant during the month of May in Cardiff?

We Answered:

Why not simply apply for part time jobs in Cardiff in May at the JobCentrePlus link in Cardiff?

If you want to pay them a personal visit, you can. . . .
Jobcentre Plus
64 Charles Street
Cardiff, CF10 2GS
Phone: 029 2042 8400

Otherwise, why not just go online to JobCentrePlus where you can start searching for jobs right away?

At the UK JobCentrePlus website, select the city where you wish to find work (Cardiff) and then etc.

If you've got a skill why not advertise it in shop windows or your local rag?

Have Broom Can Sweep etc

Good Luck

Retired Worker

Viola Said:

What are good part time jobs with good pay?

We Answered:

Most part-time jobs pay minimum wage to start. If you can find a job with a not-for-profit, they pay better by a mile, or, if you connect with people well, try something in sales where you can earn commission on top of your wage.

Alberto Said:

What are tax differences for working 2 part time jobs vs 1 full time job?

We Answered:

You could end up paying, since each job will take out like they are your only income, and you pay taxes based on your TOTAL income.

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