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Jobs For Students In Auckland

April Said:

Job prospects in Singapore?

We Answered:

I hope you'll be having some intern-ship experience during your MBA at Nanyang.

Apply for an Employment Eligibility Certificate (EPEC), which allows you to apply for a long-term visit pass (this process with EPEC can only be done once in a lifetime, cherish it!) to stay in Singapore for a year to find job. With an MBA, I cannot think of anything that would stop them from issuing you an EPEC.

Get yourself networked with some important people during your intern program, especially big-shots in banks or other financial establishments before you leave Singapore. Depending on your impression, they will not mind to apply an Employment Pass (or other work permit) for you if they like you.

Good luck, John!

Holly Said:

In Auckland, how much money will i need to live??

We Answered:

Depends on your living You could post up in a backpackers till you find a permanent spot. Right when you come in at the airport they have a board that list the hostels. Maybe $30NZD per night in a dorm. The food isnt that expensive if you jus hit the markets and not the fast food joints. Partying. Well you can hit the spots wit no covers and drink before you go so that shouldn be much. I would think you could get by on 1200NZD. I would say if you had $1500NZD-$1800 ud b pimping.

Joan Said:

Has any been to a recruitment agency in NZ (specifically Auckland)?

We Answered:


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