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Jobs For Students In Birmingham

Sidney Said:

london, manchester and birmingham or which citiy is better for students for job, living, every thing? ?

We Answered:

Manchester is a great place for young people and students - there are loads of them. It's probably on a par with the others expensive-wise, but everyone is really friendly and the night life is awesome.
I live in London as I grew up here, but if I had to choose another city it would definitely be Manc.

Jane Said:

is there a place in birmingham where you can print for free..?

We Answered:

Can you take a job where you don't need previous experience, like in a factory or something? Just an idea. If English is not your first language, could you be a waitress in a restaurant cooking food from where you are from?

Also, are you eligible for government funding? I'm from Australia so I don't know what the situation is where you are. I just thought I'd suggest some ideas because I noticed no one had replied. Best of luck, Ricky :)

Alma Said:

What is the diffrence between a FDA and a Degree?

We Answered:

A FdA is a foundation degree

The FdA courses normally run parallel to the BA as many students do a 1 year top up course to bring them up to a BA. So they tend to do exactly the same work and have the same syllabus.

A bonus for the FdA is that it's normally 2 years long, and at the end of it you will have a foundation degree. After you have this you can do a 1 year top up year to bring you up to a BA degree (proper/full degree).
If you were to do the BA, and drop out in the 3rd year you would come away with nothing, but if you do the FdA, you will always have the FdA qualification already.

Level 0 is lower than a FdA. If a student doesn't have good grades, I think they have to do a level 0 course first before doing the FdA. (I think)

Lester Said:

What are the best places in Birmingham to find a saturday or sunday job as a student?

We Answered:

Good luck, Birmingham is laying almost everyone off, and in a few months it will be declared a state of emergency with riots. 100% positive on this; a couple days ago they said they were planning on getting the National Guard to help out as half of the police force just got layed off.

Lillie Said:

I'm looking for a very flexible, student-oriented job in Birmingham, AL. Any ideas?

We Answered:

Why don't you ask in your college I guess that they have some jobs helping some students, and you can take the hours that you are willing to give.
You don't lose anything.
Or check in the newspapers sometimes you can find some jobs that you don't need to much time to invest.
Good luck

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