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Jobs For Students In High School

Gladys Said:

Where can I find jobs for high school students? In Canada?

We Answered:

In highschool the only jobs you can find are at fast food or retailer... since you're in Canada right now... You will be paid 8.90 an hour...

Try retailer stores if you're not interested in Fast food...

These are your only options since you have no work experience.

Denise Said:

Do you know about any computer jobs for high school students?

We Answered:, u want jobs that only use pc...ok...neway, im a mechanical engineering student and im doing online part timejob that is free to join.. mail me ok if u'r interested.. i can lead you! nothin to lose becoz its totally free.. its kinda easy job actually..but waterver u do, please do not join watever job that ask you to pay before you start to work! they should be paying you!!

good luck!

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