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Jobs For Students In Leeds

Jason Said:

Accomodation for university students ?

We Answered:

The only way you'll find accommodation cheaper than £50 a week is to live in a squat. Welcome to the adult world. It costs. I'm a uni student myself so please don't think I'm being sarcastic, it's the just the way it is. I appreciate you've got no job at the moment but have you applied for a student loan &/or grant to help with your living costs? And in my experience part-time jobs aren't difficult to come by in uni towns so it shouldn't take you long to find one.

Gary Said:

Moving away and jobs ?

We Answered:

Accomadation is not actually as decent as it is astute

Dave Said:

Which is better university Leeds, manchester or Heriot watt?

We Answered:

Leeds is better, I've heard pretty grusome storries about Manchester, how people always get shot/robbed/raped, so I'd never go there.

Myrtle Said:

I have taken some time out after my degree, do i need to do an MSc to get a good job?

We Answered:

I recommend that you nail down first what your chosen occupation would be then find out if you need a Masters.
There is no point flitting around between companies within industries going from a to b laterally. Jobs are defined by skillset and your position in the industry on the depth and demand for the role resulting in higher pay and better long term prospects. There are many dead end roles in industry which can be pitfalls.

On my experience of searching for roles a masters is not a pre requisite unless you want to go into research on its a conversion course for industry.

It seems like you have you are working hard and I would keep to that rhythm and try doing a part time Masters.

Being a student has its limits where industry can offer more.
Only do a Masters if you know it will help your career bceause there is nothing less frustrating than saddling a qualification that may hinder rather than help you.

Angel Said:

I have taken some time out after my degree, do i need to do an MSc to get a job?

We Answered:

your obviously well educated so getting a job will not be that difficult.

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