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Jobs For Students In Liverpool

Gladys Said:

Are you a Liverpool fan????

We Answered:


really awesome.....

u made my day!!!

1 of the best jokes ever!!

thank u

Barbara Said:

where is the best area to live in Liverpool?

We Answered:

I am Irish and lived in Wavertree (off Smithdown Rd) in Liverpool for 4 years. Had a ball througout my time there and go back regularly.
Wavertree has a big Student population and houses are moderatly priced and easily rented. I'd stay away from the parts of Wavertree which border the toxeth area. Because of Wavertree's big student area there can be a risk of burgarlies so houses round there need to be extra secure.

The area I would reccomend most however is further up Smithtown Road in the Allerton Rd/Mossley Hill area. Check out Penny Lane (yes as in the Beetles song!) or Smithdown Place- any streets round that area are a good bet and there are handy bus links to the city centre. House prices can be a tad dear but it is one of the better areas. It's also near the airport for those all important trips back home.

There's also good bars round there (I used to drink in the Dovedale). You'll probably find there's quite a few Irish living round there also who have also recently graduated. There's a nice buzz round.

Places already mentioned Like Woolton are nice but a bit to "settled" so unless you got a family to raise I wouldn't bother with them just yet!

Neil Said:

Liverpool class?

We Answered:

HAHA!!!!!!!! GREAT ONE!!!!!!!

Eric Said:

Help. Mate's 21st tomorrow. What can I do?

We Answered:

give him a kiss

Darrell Said:

Which city is best for an American college student to live in: Manchester or Liverpool?

We Answered:

Well both cities are exciting in their own way.
Very difficult to choose.

Hmm I will go with Manchester.

But I would also prefer USA over England. USA also have great Universities with the same standard as UK universities.

Both are awesome places to study. But you should choose some University in USA. And do a year or so in Uk if you are so desperate.

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