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Jobs For Students In Melbourne

Randall Said:

SECURITY IN melbourne AND PART TIME JOB in melbourne?

We Answered:

Hi there! Melbourne is a pretty secure place. some of the outer suburbs and certain places in the city can be a bit iffy, but as a general rule you're pretty safe. There is racism, but only as much as you find anywhere in the world. It is a VERY multicultural city, everywhere you look you see people from different nations. You shouldn't have trouble finding a job so long as you have the skills and dedication. Good luck!

Ross Said:

Where should I look for jobs as an editor/copywriter/proofreader in Melbourne, Australia?

We Answered:

Check with the newspaper. They are always looking for good people. Also a couple magazines are published there. Apply with them also.

Ethel Said:

hey how easy is it for international students to find part time job in melbourne?

We Answered:

Melbourne is very easy to get work in.

Isaac Said:

part time jobs australia/melbourne?

We Answered:

Penalty rates for weekends, late nights and public holidays are still paid to casual workers by many employers. Typically, the rates are time-and-a-half for Saturdays, double time for Sundays and public holidays and something extra for late nights, but the percentages can vary. It all depends on which award you're employed under and some awards pay no penalty rates. Ask any prospective employers during your interview.

Valerie Said:

How to apply for part time job in Melbourne, Australia?

We Answered:


I can somewhat understand the first answerer's comment as there are plenty of assistances given by the university for the students in regards to getting a job, either permanent or part-time. Therefore you are in big trouble if you have not known where to find those sort of services after 2 or 3 years in the uni. However what the first answerer may not be aware is that there are some students who have transferred their credits from previous study and therefore only come to Australia to study for the final year. I believe that you are a transfer student.

As I mentioned before, all universities in Australia have this service for the students. Some of the services as follows:
1. Casual registry, where you can put your name in the list for a chance to be employed by the university when there's a need for casual job.
2. Resume & Interview skill training, where you can get valuable lessons of how to write your resume and training for your interview.
3. Part-time job listing; this could be on the campus noticeboards or online.
4. University's job website
If you are new in the uni, I strongly suggest that you attend the orientation day, where you can have a guided campus tour and they may mentioned these sort of services during the session.

Another thing is try to expand your friends networks (eg. club activities, religious activities) as this also gives you a chance to mix with ppl who already in the workforce and may give you some hints on the available jobs.

Hope this helps. Dun forget that as an international student, you can only work max 20hrs/week during semester period, and full-time only during semester break. Good luck for your study.

Martha Said:

are their any film companies in Austrlia, melbourne that let students in year 10 do work experience?

We Answered:

Ask Working Dog also (the company that makes Thank God You're Here and the Hollowmen), maybe send them an email.
Also you could try Film Victoria and the ABC, they have a studio in Ripponlea. Send some emails to these companies and find out. I'm guessing they have limited places as they would be in high demand.
Also Channel 10 is on Chapel street, maybe ask there? And 9 is on Bendigo street Richmond.

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