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Jobs For Students In Singapore

Virgil Said:

How to find jobs for foreign students in Singapore?

We Answered:

dude....when i was in JC 5 yrs ago and use to work at sim lim sq at one of the shops helping troubleshoot pcs...and mind you im an australian and still am. it aint that tough to find jobs especially part time ones..if u know people, that'll be even better. gd luck mate!

Luis Said:

Food jobs in singapore for student?

We Answered:

You can always try McDowwalds.

Cory Said:

Would it be easy for an international student to find jobs in Singapore after studying Masters in Australia?

We Answered:


Singaporeans employees are very selective as they only accepting graduates from well-known universities in the world. Therefore if you want to work in S'pore after graduated, my suggestion is to stick with "Group Of 8" universities.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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