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Jobs For Students In Sydney

Minnie Said:

Road trip destinations in Australia, starting from Sydney?

We Answered:

The NSW south Coast is brilliant!! I lived in Sydney a couple of years ago and my husband & I went from Sydney to the snowfields for a week and then across to the coast and then back up to Sydney. Some really beautiful spots!

One trip i always wanted to do but we never got there is the Great Ocean Road which runs along the Ocean (surprising, i know!) on the south coast of vic across to South Australia.

Not sure where you and your friends are from, but in 6 - 8 weeks, you probably won't have time for Darwin or Perth. You would be best to either start from Sydney and head south as far as you can get or North as far as you can get. Both would be equally as good!! North you will head for QLD and the Great Barrier Reef and lots of great spots in between!!

I am a West Aussie girl myself and I would recommend that you come back one day and travel our great state! We have it all: Best Beaches, Best wineries, best outback....I am more than a little biased toward my home state of course.

Enjoy your stay!!

Dorothy Said:

Why is it so hard for an Aussie to get a job in Sydney?

We Answered:

I have been looking for work for a year now. I can not even register as unemployed, I have to be poor to get that, soon that will happen. I don't think of it as racial or anti auzzie, it is just life. I can not even see unskilled work advertised - except pamphlet delivery. I have skills but once your are over 50, they don't want to know you.

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