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Jobs For Students In Uk

Charlie Said:

Reserved Jobs for students in the UK?

We Answered:

Same situation in Australia. Many students as young as 15 work part-time, etc. to support themselves. I think you would be pushed to see one being over 18, and if so perhaps they are considered as management trainees, but these companies are exploiting these poorly paid employees. I cannot see any future for anyone working in these jobs as an adult would be hard pressed to survive on the pay. It is obvious they must be poorly paid as you would never see an adult (other than the Store Manager) work in these establishments. Yes, it is a case of equal rights out the window, but then again the only jobs these students may get. I have mixed thoughts on this. 16 year olds can qualify for a student allowance (about $200AU+ a fortnight) from the government which is barely enough to feed them, so they are quite reliant on their parents supporting them if they do not have a part-time job for living, clothing, housing and education expenses.

Andrew Said:

Where can i find Graphic Design work experience in the UK, or jobs for Design Students?

We Answered:

I'm sure there is a magazine you can get I have lost the name for it if you go into big W.H.Smiths news paper shop you mite find it or ask the staff

Marcia Said:

Best jobs for students in the UK?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Vernon Said:

UK jobs for Pakitani students?

We Answered:

ofcourse Jobs are there it depends on da qualification u hold,,well i shuld tell ya tht u need a good educational qualification..

Timothy Said:

how to find good telecom jobs for non EU,UK engineering students?

We Answered:

Why don't you try other European countries? There are loads of engineering jobs in Scandinavia, Ireland and Germany, why don't you try there? For many of them you only need to speak fluent English.

Minnie Said:

how much will be the Pay for Part time jobs for Students in UK/Ireland/& NZ AUS?

We Answered:

The pay vary depending on the type of job you're undertaking, the level of skills and experience you may already have and the industry of the job itself. As a general rule of thumb, if you undertake a professional job, even for a student such as an accounting job etc, you may be looking at approx $17-$30AUD per hour Gross. However, the tax law in Australia states that all non-Australian residence pay the highest level of tax rate which is 46.5% of your gross pay.

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