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Jobs For Uni Students

Nicholas Said:

part time job for uni students?

We Answered:

Well these jobs are usually very basic and are only done over a limited number of hours a week. They are primarily just used to pay for things such as uni fees, rent and bills.

They include bartending, bank teller, at mcdonalds, as a sales man, working at a grocery store, even doing part time labour work and also working as a waiter/waitress. Also working part time in shopes and cafes are common. Pretty much just look around in the papers and apply to many areas, you are likely to get a job.

Additionally as for pay you could expect roughly $20 an hour. Therefore salary is dependent among the hours you decide to work. Most uni students i know do about 20 ish, so they get around $400 a week, but i guess it is entirely up to you.

Ethel Said:

what are some good part time jobs for uni students like myself?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Leslie Said:

How to make money on the internet or easy jobs for over the holidays and beyond?

We Answered:

Many, many, many people need to make money these. There are millions of places to make money on the Internet. The problem is weeding thru the good stuff and the bad stuff. Also there is no such thing as "easy" work much less on the Internet. Just about 99% of the sites, the blogs and the articles are trying to sell you something. Whether they admit that fact immediately or not. Just as in other parts of life, nothing much comes free. There are a couple sites that I have tried that I will recommend to you that I have tried. Obviously you can decide whether you are interested. There is a nice niche on the Internet called the Work At Home Mom or Work At Home Dad programs.
Do a search on the Internet for either of the above phrases. There are sites that are online that will assume you know nothing about the Internet, which everyone goes through the same phase so no big deal. I suggest you go to a few of those sites, look around and see if they feel like something you want to learn about. Most of these sites have free membership, some require a monthly fee or a one time fee. But they will work you thru very slowly how to get started on the Internet.
It really is an exciting time to get involved on the Internet. Tons of information out there.
Check them out and have fun and Good Luck.

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