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Jobs High School Students

Adrian Said:

Do you know any organizations that give tutoring jobs to High School students?

We Answered:

Depending on your age, you could certainly use yahoo to search for tutoring companies in your area and approach them about hiring you. If you do that, I would prepare a very good resume and list of people that you have tutored as references.

However, I would think that you will have better luck thinking about being a self employed tutor.

Even if you are not outgoing, there are lots of ways to promote a tutoring business.

Think carefully about the age of student and subjects that you are qualified to tutor in. You might write a classified ad for Craig's List that advertises your services (free), you might make up some business cards (low cost kit from Office Depot) and talk with the teacher at your school that teach the subjects you could tutor. You may get some referrals.

Let them know you are available and what you charge. You might also offer tutoring to a fellow student who you know is struggling. Donate an hour and give them a business card.

Ask local businesses you patronize that have business cards by the register or on a bulletin board if you can leave some.

Visit the PTA organizations of schools in your area (and your school) and give the PTA president some of your cards and ask him or her to keep you in mind for people who need tutoring. The schools are often unable to recommend specific providers, but the PTAs can in many cases.

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