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Jobs In Canterbury For Students

Nelson Said:

How can my fiancee work in the UK?

We Answered:

You need to get her a spousal visa. She must be on a visa to live in the UK, as she is not from an Eu country. You have to meet certain requirements, use the link it will help tell you what you need to do. Remember to sort her out a NI number as well, you need to contact your local job centre about an application and interview.

Anne Said:

Chaucer Essay----Please Proofread?

We Answered:

You have many "of" in this essay. Also some of the paragraphs are long. The only way I can edit this is by you sending it through my profile since this is really a long essay. Plus, it is past 11 pm here, and I am so sleeeeeeeeeeeepy from teaching my third grade class.

Kent Said:

Marketing & Human Resource at University of Kent, Canterbury?

We Answered:

confused? i think you don't know why you want to do a masters!

perhaps you need to get more work experience in your field before going back into postgraduate studies - then you'll know what and why you're doing it!

Christopher Said:

Does anybody know any information about Maintenance loan for EU students?

We Answered:

ask the bank.

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