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Jobs In Chicago For College Students

Andre Said:

any good websites for college students to find jobs?

We Answered:

I have a list - But everytime I put the list on Y Answers someone reports me - So email me and I will give you the information that you are looking for.

Stella Said:

Chicago employment?

We Answered:

I would try to work in a related field as your major. For example, if you are looking into getting into medicine check out any research assistant jobs at your university, which is very important if you are considering going into health care. If you are organized and can type, you look into becoming an administrative assistant at any of the downtown offices. Consider working at Starbucks or coffee shop stores that seem employ several college students. The Hostel on Congress and Michigan seems like a cool place to work and a great place to meet people from all over the world. Lots of cool places. Not sure that you will be able to meet the 1000/month goal you have set, however, if you are determined you will find that place. Definitely look into work in a field that is relevant to your major.

James Said:

are there any good customer servvice/call center jobs in west suburbs of chicago?

We Answered:


Tyler Said:

Any good websites for college students to find jobs?

We Answered:,

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