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Jobs In Leeds For Students

Cheryl Said:

'Good Morning Afghanistan/Iraq'...or a dozen jingoistic 'Rambo'-type films when the war ends...what'll it be?

We Answered:

Richard Curtis treatment :-

1. Two best friends from Londontownshire. Both 19, Both join the Army. Naturally one of duo is Muslim.Off they go to Afghanistan.

2. Our non Muslim hero befriends a little feral puppy amidst the sandstorms within his environment AND his psyche. Jokingly his army comrades call this puppy Cheryl for no other reason than it rhymes with feral obviously.

3. Muslim hero gets killed deaded by some non committal event such as 'weapon malfunction'.

4. Feral Cheryl fetches some memento from the desert sands for remaining hero to place on a chain around his neck.

5. On return to Londontownshire, PM( Bernard Cribbens) gets to hear of this tragedy so flies Cheryl to UK.

6. Closing shot is our 19yo walking through Camden market whilst all the stall holders chuck R Cheryl under the chin. It's s right old cockerneezzee knees up and then the money moment....last stall is dead hero's Dad. Yes that's right he's a London barra boy and they embrace whilst Cheryl looks straight to camera.

Film makes 6 billion on opening weekend despite Cosmo Landesman telling us it's insulting crap.Cosmo Landesman gets killed deaded by a Pudding Club member.

~ finis~

Elmer Said:

Should I stay or should I go?

We Answered:

woah.. that's hot!

Nelson Said:

Is Osteopathy a bit like Kenesiology, Reflexology and chiropractic?

We Answered:

im a massage therapy student and im not going to read all that but i do study a lot of that, anatomy especially.

Louis Said:

Could I have some feedback about

We Answered:

Citispace isn't in a great part of Leeds city centre, it's an old commercial/light industrial area.

Leeds has excellent public transport, I'd recommend you look at the outskirts, especially on the North side (but not Headingley and Burley if you want to avoid student areas). On the North side you are 10 minutes from the city centre.

Lydia Said:

I really need help finding employment in West Yorkshire (Leeds area or anywhere really)...please help!?!?!?

We Answered:

Always go down the job centre!!!!!!

Darryl Said:

english work?

We Answered:

I'll do the first five only. These aren't hard.

1. tall - simple
2. bigger - comparative
3. best - superlative
4. worst - superlative
5. bad - simple

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